For most consumers, annuities are an integral part of an investment strategy that helps to stabilize their retirement. As workers look toward retiring and ending their working years, they often want to be able to keep their income stable and maintain their current lifestyle. What is most important for many is that they are able to budget for the years that they are in retirement, knowing exactly what they can afford to spend and what they must save in order to maintain their lifestyle after retirement. Consumers are able to do this when they have invested in Guaranteed Annuities.

When consumers purchase guaranteed annuities they are essentially making sure that they always know what their income will be, even once they are no longer working. This is because the amount of the guaranteed annuity never changes. Knowing their income amount, consumers are able to plan for the future, even as they approach very old age. The investor may even learn that they have to sustain on only the income created by their annuity. This can be a bit more difficult, but knowing exactly what their income will be can be an integral part of budgeting and planning. This is invaluable when planning for the future. It can also mean that the consumer is able to determine which debt they must pay off or can afford to pay off while also knowing exactly how much money they need to save for the future.

Guaranteed annuities offer the consumer something that very few other retirement strategies, even other annuities, can offer and that is the ability to know an exact income. Variable annuities may not do this and those retirement strategies that require investment in global markets cannot provide this information. Knowing the exact income expected even after working years have ceased can be an incredibly valuable piece of information. For many consumers who enter very old age, they expect to live off of only their annuity. They are able to plan for their future knowing what their income will be for the rest of their lifetime.

Consumers who have guaranteed annuities will know exactly what they can afford, including future purchases. They will know exactly what they can afford for living expenses and will even be able to plan for how much they must have saved in order to sustain their current lifestyle. For this reason, guaranteed annuities are an incredibly popular choice for consumers, especially those who are closing in on retirement.