Annuities have become an increasingly more important and beneficial aspect to any consumer’s financial portfolio. They allow for a guaranteed income during retirement and allow for financial stability and security during what can be the most enjoyable years of life. However, in order to fully capitalize on the benefits of annuities, it is crucial that consumers find the best annuity value from their pension fund. This can be done in a number of different ways. Perhaps the most important of these is to use the benefits and offers available through the FSA as well as those offered through the independent financial adviser being consulted.

Consumers are afforded the opportunity of looking to the open market for all available annuity products and offers. This allows consumers to use the open market to help find the best possible annuity for their personal and family needs. By using the open market, consumers are able to keep rates and benefits competitive, as different insurance companies and providers must keep their products in line with those offered by other insurers.

Using the open market also means that consumers do not have to take the first offer made to them by an adviser or insurer. Instead, consumers can look for an annuity quote that works for them and that will fulfill their needs as much as possible. There are a number of ways that consumers can gain the best annuity value from their provider. Several of these come directly from the FSA.

The FSA provides different annuity tables to help consumers find the best annuity values. The FSA provides a website that includes the opportunity for consumers to submit a number of questions that later produces a list of different illustrative annuity rates to the consumer. This information captured can include such bits of information as age, fund size, postcode and income. These tables allow consumers to see what may be available in the open market and allow consumers to use the tool as a way to keep the market as competitive as possible. These tables should be used as a guide, as they are not exhaustive. However, they can really serve to help consumers see what is available based on their most basic demographic and identifying information and data.

These annuity tables offered through the FSA can serve as a guide to what is available but should only be used in tandem with the advice offered by an independent financial adviser in order to find the best annuity value. There are several more in-depth questions that are used to determine the best annuity values and rates for each consumer, including such things as health and lifestyle choices. The answers to these kinds of questions may even provide eligibility for different annuity choices for the consumer. Speaking to an adviser and choosing the right adviser can help to make decisions on which type of annuity will offer the best annuity values and rates.

The FSA offers several tools for the average consumer, especially when it comes to choosing the right investment strategies and annuities. These tools, including the annuity tables should be used in tandem with other services. Together, the FSA and the right independent financial adviser can help consumers to build a financial portfolio that provides both financial stability and security during retirement years. Using these tools can also help to keep the market as competitive as possible, allowing more consumers to choose the best benefits available to them.

Annuities can surely be used as a means to ensure financial stability and security during retirement years. However, they are only as effective as the research used to choose the right one. Finding the best annuity value can take time and effort but can prove to be worthwhile later in life.