Today, equity release has become very popular and those who do not have sufficient income are making the most of it. Looking at the popularity of the Equity Release and to appreciate the efforts of the companies and advisers, the equity release awards are held every year in November at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall, Threadneedle Street in London. These awards are sponsored by the Equity Release Council so that companies and advisers can continue working with the same dedication and effort. Well, these awards create a spirit of dedication among the companies and they do their best in order to offer the best services throughout the year.

This year once again these awards are going to be held to appreciate the efforts of the people involved in equity release. The voting for this year has now been closed. The last date to vote was 19th October. These awards include various categories which include Best Equity Release Providers, Equity Release Advisers and other relevant equity release categories.

Equity Release Supermarket has previously been voted as best company in the market and has been successfully nominated every year keeping in view the great services offered by them. This company was able to take away the most prestigious award in the year 2008. This shows how sincere and recognised they are with their work.

The Equity Release Council has very strict criteria for voting and one must abide by the rules and regulations while casting the vote for a certain category. Every category has its own criteria therefore it is recommended that you should go through the criteria in order to cast your vote successfully.

For this year’s awards, the council has announced the whole plan and you can go through the venue details on the official website of Equity Release Awards. Apart from this, you can even view the award winners from the previous years. Their website has various other promotions which will definitely help you in knowing about these awards in detail. This will help you to make a better choice when it comes to choosing which equity release company or adviser you should work with.

Awards are given out for great service in nearly every market and industry. It is not surprising that each year certain companies in the equity release market gain recognition. It is because they strive to be the best and most supportive for retirees like you. While voting is closed this does not mean the equity release awards are not important.

You will want to follow along as the winners are announced for 2013, especially if you have yet to make a choice regarding home equity release schemes and potential providers. Awards are the best way for you to ascertain which companies are worthy of your business. Simply by looking at those companies that received awards you can tell they are a part of the recognised community.

There are two programmes that certify equity release providers. They offer companies membership, so that you can recognise them during your search for equity release plans. First, the Safe Home Income Plan or SHIP is a symbol you should recognise as a retiree. Any company operating under the SHIP code is law abiding ensuring you have a proper equity release plan.

The second name to look for is Equity Release Solicitors Alliance. ERSA is an organisation that requires solicitors to be members if they want to practise in the equity release market. A solicitor is required to act on your behalf during the equity release plan and it cannot be the same person working for the provider.

When you combine the equity release awards with ERSA and SHIP members, you know you have a company worth working for. Even though you may not use the same solicitor as the provider of your loan, it is still important to ensure they are a member of ERSA.

Each year the equity release awards are given out. Each year companies might receive different awards or the same award. There have been years in which a company has retained its award standing. This is a sign of excellence you do not want to overlook. Next year after you go through your equity release plan you may want to vote for your company to help secure a potential award for them. This will let others know in coming years that it is a company with standards and one they might wish to use too.