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  • The decisions made surrounding financial security and stability during retirement are some of the most important decisions to be made in one’s lifetime. For this reason, it is crucial that consumers and those coming up on retirement spend sufficient time and energy researching the options available for their retirement. For most, this means investing in […]

  • As workers begin to focus on retirement, they start to look at all that they have managed to save since their first year of employment. For many, that savings pot does not amount to enough to sustain their current lifestyle during retirement. For many, annuities are their best investment and there are several varieties of […]

  • Investment linked annuities are variable annuities – where the income you receive from the annuity is not fixed or guaranteed and depends on changing factors. An investment linked annuity is linked to an external investment product such as stocks and shares – and the income you receive depends on the performance of the investment. Investment […]