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  • An annuity is a type of insurance product that provides regular income during retirement, usually in exchange for a lump sum. Most people use a lump sum from their pension savings to invest in an annuity. Annuities are a very popular product in the retirement sector; in fact, the UK annuity market is the largest […]

  • Annuities are quickly becoming an integral part of any retirement portfolio. They allow for guaranteed income during retirement years and offer consumers the opportunity to ensure financial stability and security during some of the most relaxing and fulfilling years of life. However, it has been estimated that nearly one out of every three consumers could […]

  • As workers begin to focus on retirement, they start to look at all that they have managed to save since their first year of employment. For many, that savings pot does not amount to enough to sustain their current lifestyle during retirement. For many, annuities are their best investment and there are several varieties of […]