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  • An annuity is a type of insurance product that provides regular income during retirement, usually in exchange for a lump sum. Most people use a lump sum from their pension savings to invest in an annuity. Annuities are a very popular product in the retirement sector; in fact, the UK annuity market is the largest […]

  • As consumers retire, they tend to seek as much financial security and stability as possible during their retirement years. These years are meant to be marked by relaxation and ease. One of the first steps in ensuring this is for consumers to make sure that they have established financial security for themselves. For most, this […]

  • For most consumers, annuities are an integral part of an investment strategy that helps to stabilize their retirement. As workers look toward retiring and ending their working years, they often want to be able to keep their income stable and maintain their current lifestyle. What is most important for many is that they are able […]

  • Investment linked annuities are variable annuities – where the income you receive from the annuity is not fixed or guaranteed and depends on changing factors. An investment linked annuity is linked to an external investment product such as stocks and shares – and the income you receive depends on the performance of the investment. Investment […]